Flambeau Reclaimed

Economic Prosperity

The Flambeau Mining Company and local governments worked cooperatively to ensure communities made the most of the available economic opportunities stemming from the mine. A 2005 study showed that approximately $11 million in tax and other payments from the project came back to local communities.

During mine construction, operation and reclamation, the Flambeau Mining Company employed approximately 300 employees. More than 80 percent of the mine employees were local residents from Rusk County.

During the life of the mine, the Flambeau Mining Company paid more than $27.7 million in taxes and fees to local and state governments in Wisconsin, as well as salaries to employees and local expenditures of goods and services.

At the local government’s request, and with the permission of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 32 acres of the reclaimed Flambeau Mine site has been reserved for industrial use and more than 400,000 square feet of business space is leased to the Ladysmith Industrial Development Corporation.

Additional community contributions and improvements included support for a new $1.3 million Rusk County Community Library. The library was funded through a $500,000 donation from the Flambeau Mining Company and $500,000 from taxes paid by the company. The Flambeau Mining Company also supported local scholarship and internship programs. The Rusk County Visitors Center was partially funded from taxes paid by the Flambeau Mining Company.

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In 2004, the residents of Ladysmith and Grant were surveyed about the effects of the Flambeau Mine on their communities. An overwhelming majority of residents agreed that the Flambeau Mining Company kept its promises, improved the economic well-being of the community and protected the environment.

Specifically, a majority of the respondents (70.7%) agreed that the Flambeau Mining Company improved the well being of people in Ladysmith and Grant. Survey responses regarding the environment found 80.9 percent agreed that the Flambeau Mining Company protected the environment at the Flambeau Mine site.

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